Give your business more than a name.

Give it a story.

A great brand name is the beginning of a story that people want to hear.

Pollywog, a Minneapolis-based naming agency, creates names that go beyond the ordinary. And beyond catchy and clever. Each of our names tells a compelling story of what is unique and desirable about your company, product or service — and makes it memorable. It’s more than just a name. It’s how you express your brand to the world.


A love song.     This high-end cabinetry maker promises its customers a purchase experience that’s a thing of beauty.


Design is our religion.     An Australian field hockey brand is as committed to design innovation as athletes are to their sport.


A revelation in tea.     Founded by Certified Tea Sommeliers, this California company employs their vast knowledge to create “uplifting tea experiences” for customers.


If you need anything, just yodel.     Located in a mountain resort town, this personal assistant business makes it easy for clients to offload almost any daily task. 

Outnumber Hunger

Together we can make a difference.     General Mills’ most ambitious charitable program since Boxtops for Education.


It’s big. It’s hairy. And it’s very, very friendly.       The largest Golden Retriever event in North America and fundraiser for a Golden Retriever rescue organization.

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Thank you for your guidance in helping us create a strong, lasting and unique brand name. In a world where our industry is not trusted, you need a brand that demonstrates that you are different and worthy of trust. We would encourage any of our peers to reach out to you and learn more about your process in helping them create their own brand. Greg Anderson Ameriprise Financial, Inc.  |  Endgame Financial

Pollywog helps brands start strong, creating story-rich brand names for clients from startups to nonprofits to the Fortune 500. Here are a few of the organizations our naming agency has had the pleasure to help:

Pollywog, a Naming Company
Pollywog, a Naming Company
Pollywog, a Naming Company