More than a year ago, Pollywog was approached by a Minnesota nonprofit organization with the generic and unwieldy name, Resources for Child Caring (RCC). Over its forty year history, RCC had grown from an agency that trained child care providers into Minnesota’s leading voice for early learning, but their brand had not kept up.

According to RCC, “Too many didn’t recognize our name, or confused us with others. In short, our brand was not working hard enough to help us achieve our mission, and that was not okay with us.”

For the next year, Pollywog worked closely with RCC management and key team leaders in every stage of the rebranding process: brand positioning, naming, tagline creation, domain name search and brokering, brand identity design, brand standards development, Web site design and top-level copywriting and brand voice.

We’re happy to announce that Resources for Child Caring is now:thinksmall_logo_rgb

“We chose a thought-provoking and provocative name that will call attention to the needs of Minnesota’s smallest children,” Executive Director Barb Yates said at the brand’s unveiling event. “Think Small captures our mindset, our passion, our call to action.”

Added Janet Bisbee, Director of Development, “It’s been a pleasure working with Pollywog. Our new agency name is powerful and unexpected. The genius of it is that it makes people want to know more. It opens an exciting conversation about ways we all can be more and do more for children.”