We have long admired Jawbone headsets from Aliph, not only for their sleek design, but also for their spot-on brand name. Now Aliph is showing some additional positioning prowess with the introduction of the personality-driven Jawbone Limited Edition “Jawbone Loves Talk” series.

Featuring a smooth case that differentiates them from the standard mesh design of other models, the limited edition headsets are available in three colors–and three different embossed mood statements:

  • Gold: Sweet Talk (flower)
  • Black: Dirty Talk (Playboyesque silhouette)
  • White: Trash Talk (Cartoon obscenity)


As far as we can tell, they’re technologically identical. And while headsets have always triggered emotional purchases based on color and design, this is the first we’ve seen with a emotional overlay appealing to personal whimsies or communication styles.

Aliph released this limited edition at this year’s Ted conference, and sadly, the headsets are not only scarce in quantity but almost impossible to find. You can’t just up and buy one. Of course, that merely heightens their appeal.

Want one. Really want one. Gold, please.