Crusher’s no-nonsense solution

Crusher is a scrappy new online invitation service now competing with the likes of Evite. Launched in 2007, Crusher came late to the tech party and found that, like hundreds of other startups in their shoes, they could not secure the prima facie domain name that...

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What’s next for domain names? (Pt 1)

Meemo. Qoosa. Xobni. Thoof. Lala. Wufoo. Kijiji. Zoogmo.Wixi. Wakoopa. Qosimo. Hulu. Such is the sorry state of company naming these days. Tech company after tech company is slipping into a bulging diaper of infantilism by taking a snippet of baby talk as its brand...

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Kodak’s Branding Blunder

Oh, this one hurts. Just when I thought Kodak was set to rise from the ashes with its new disruptive printing technology, I find out what they named the product line. EasyShare All-In-One printers. Yes, EasyShare. What’s that? Sounds familiar to you? Yes, me too, and...

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