Good coffee. Good cause.

Neighborhood House is a nonprofit organization in Saint Paul, MN, that helps families with basic needs, such as education, multiple youth programs, and health and well-being—all free of charge. Neighborhood House is opening a coffee shop in the downtown business district which will not only provide a revenue stream to fund its programs, but will also offer employment opportunities for people just starting their career.

You’re the kind of person who wants to have a positive impact on the world. Here’s a way to do that effortlessly every day. With every purchase at our shop, you support Neighborhood House, a nonprofit organization providing basic services and lifelong learning to people in need. You’re making a meaningful difference with every cup.


Alluding to the promise of feeling good by doing good, “Beaningful” is a portmanteau blending “bean” with “meaningful”. The juxtaposition of a tiny bean with the great big concept of meaningfulness makes the name surprising, whimsical and friendly.


Neighborhood House