Don’t let anything keep you out of the game.

A Twin Cities sports medicine clinic wanted a name that would appeal to high school, college and semi-pro athletes, as well as weekend warriors. Whether they’re putting in the effort to properly heal from an injury, or striving to give their performance an edge, the clinic’s target audience has one thing in common: courage.

You play with a lot of heart. And sometimes that means getting injured. We know you can’t stand to be on the sidelines for long. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of therapies designed to work synergistically to heal you faster. We’re just as determined to get you back on the field as you are to be there.

Related to the more common adjective, “undaunted,” “dauntless” is another word for fearless, intrepid and bold. In bygone decades, the name was used for warships and dive bombers. More recently, Dauntless was the name of a faction in the popular Divergent series of young adult novels—a particularly fitting connection for the clinic’s younger audience.


Dr. Katie Clare