For hot and cold drinks alike.


This Is Folly, a Minneapolis design agency, asked Pollywog to partner with them to develop a brand for an entrepreneur who had invented a new kind of plastic cup. The cup’s double-wall design insulates the beverage, so it can be used with both hot and cold drinks.


Now you don’t have to buy separate party cups for hot and cold drinks. The same insulated cup that keeps your cold drinks cold, also keeps your hot drinks hot. Its double-walled construction ensures that your guests’ hands will stay comfortable and dry. And they’re dishwasher safe, so the next time you entertain, you can use the same cups.


“Ditto” is a fun, friendly word suitable for a retail brand of party cups. Used conversationally, “ditto” means “the same” or “likewise,” connecting strongly to the brand promise of being able to use the same cup for all drinks.


In typography, “ditto” is indicated with double hash marks. This Is Folly leveraged this idea by incorporating hash marks into the brand’s visual language. Playful package copy also built on the “ditto” idea: “Are DITTO cups reusable? Yes! Dishwasher safe? DITTO. Microwavable? DITTO. For hot & cold drinks? DITTO!”


This Is Folly