Summon your creativity.

Stratasys, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers, contracted Pollywog to help them brand their important new product—the first professional-grade desktop 3D printer priced under $10,000. At this size and price point, 3D printing would now be within reach of small product design companies and high schools who need rapid prototyping for commercial and educational uses.

A 3D printer takes a CAD drawing and turns it into a physical object made of plastic. Even intricate designs with moving parts—a bicycle chain or adjustable wrench, for example—can be transformed from a digital file to an actual working model. Our printer seems to create something out of nothing—almost like magic.

Mojo. It’s a charm or spell. Used more figuratively, mojo is personal magic, and often connected with masculine sex appeal. And because a whopping 94% of the 3D printer audience is male, a name that connects with both magic and masculinity was a perfect choice.

According to Stratasys, the launch of the Mojo 3D printer helped boost unit sales by 52% over the previous year.