The fun way to learn more about investing.

Uptick — Name created by Pollywog, a Naming Agency


A group of entrepreneurs in Fort Lauderdale, FL developed a mobile app aimed at teaching people how to invest through a gamified experience. A similar concept to fantasy football, the game teaches players what to look for in an investment, where and how to invest, etc. A social component to the game allows players to compete with their friends through simulated investments. 


Now you can increase your investment knowledge without risking any money. We’ve created a stock market literacy app for all skill levels, built around a simulated trading experience using real market data. You’ll create your own stock portfolio with virtual cash and see how your picks perform. You can also compete with friends, or even enter tournaments to win actual cash prizes.


An “uptick” is an increase, rise or upward trend. Closely associated with stock market reports and financial news, it’s positive and optimistic, suggesting success and progress.



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